Frankenstorm deserves cookies!

I watch a lot of food television. I don’t take away a lot from it seeing as we’re a vegetarian family, I cook mostly traditional Indian suppers and I’m not a baker. Strangely, food being cooked on national TV holds my fascination regardless of whether I can salivate over it as a consumer or not. By most standards, I’m not a foodie. But there’s is something satisfying about knowing who makes the best sloppy Joes in Knoxville, TN, or how one might combine mystery ingredients into a terrific edible dish. So I watch and learn. One day when I am stuck on an island with live sea urchins, I’ll be able to concoct the perfect dish of urchins with wild weeds even though I won’t be able to save myself from starvation eating it.

Anyhow, my fascination with all this food on TV has made me a tad adventurous with food in my own home. Ironically, although I’m not a baker my boys love treats, particularly cookies and brownies. I have a recipe for the latter that is always a success and another one for cookies that also goes down well. But this past weekend, with the hurricane coming, we didn’t make any cookies but instead I planned to decorate some as an activity for the boys to do in case we lost power. We didn’t in the end (lose power, not forgo the activity), but decorating cookies for Halloween turned out to be an incredibly amusing activity to do on a rainy day with intensely creative (and motivated!) little boys. So much so, in fact, that we’ll be decorating themed cookies for many an upcoming occasion.

You’ll need:

20 cookies
Various food colors
1 tub decorative icing (I used Wilton’s)
Ziploc bags (or piping equipment, if you have it)
Patience and imagination


Thin out the icing to the consistency of thick syrup. Mix different colors with dollops of white icing in different bowls. Fill up the ziploc bags, twist and snip off the tip for desired decorations (a helpful tutuorial here). If you’re like me, freehand your design onto the cookies. Fight off pawing hands while letting the icing set a bit. 🙂


Here’s a picture of our efforts 🙂

Best ones 🙂

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