Things Kids Say: Effin’ and More

Everyone says kids are like sponges–they absorb everything. I beg to differ. Mine are more like feather dusters with a particular affinity for the dirt floating around. Like many of you, I spend countless hours singing songs, retelling stories with morals, talking about conscientious topics etc., but all they seem to pick up are F-bombs some random kid thinks is funny to teach them. Sigh.

Today V came home from school singing a jingle like that bubblegum one we used to sing as kids. Bubblegum, bubblegum, in a dish; how many pieces do you wish. Innocent as a chair. The one he came up with went something like this: Tarzan, Tarzan, swings and falls; when he falls he breaks his balls; what color is his blood.


Apart from the whole gory-ness of the rhyme, I did a double take at the obvious “word”. Stony-faced, I waited for the inevitable repetitions before deciding if what I’d heard was right, and to wait for signs of attention seeking (shift eyes, pointed smirk). None. So I nonchalantly asked him what baIIs meant. “Oh,” he says, “it’s just another word for bones. Y’know because he falls?” *Eye roll*

I laughed. At least my son’s still kosher, even if the jingle isn’t!

PS: The whole F-word thing didn’t really stick. Yet. Maybe my pointed ignoring of it the first few times did the trick? I’m under no illusion that its time will come, but until then, I’ll fudgin’ count my blessings!


2 thoughts on “Things Kids Say: Effin’ and More

  1. Ooops… I’ve heard Gabriel use that one about Tarzan. Wonder where it started? I thought it was his school, but maybe it’s going around at both? Or just the cul-de-sac?

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