Blogs I luuurve.

I’m new to this blogging thing. I’ve written snippets on post-its, bedside diaries, on the back of receipts, all my life, but a blog somehow makes it all official. Even though I didn’t have a blog of my own, I’ve been following some awesome ones for a couple of years. These writings have made me chortle and giggle, nod my head in assent and bailed me out when I needed a recipe for things discovered from the back of the fridge. The people behind these blogs are amazing story tellers and, often, an integral part of my day. I thought I should spread their word so they might bring joy to others like me. Read on, visit their spaces and enjoy their art!

Parenting: Crappy Pictures

Amber is a stick drawing genius. She calls her adorable sketches “crappy” but for most of her readers they are anything but. Apart from her on-the-dot drawings, she’s also a gifted humor writer who has a knack for capturing parents’ daily, monotonous grind-type moments and transforming them into hilarious reading material. If you are a new parent, go through her archives and read one of her earliest posts on sleeping with a babe in the house. She had me then, and I’ve been following her ever since.

Jason Good

Another side-cracking funny parent blog. Jason is a self-professed comedian, and has a great source of daily blog fodder – he’s a dad! His sense of humor is dry and laced with delicious sarcasm, making his posts a pleasure to read. My favorite is his most recent one on photos his kids take on his phone. What a unique perspective on the tons of blurry, arbit pictures of random objects parents find on their electronic devices every time the battery mysteriously discharges without much use. Uproarious blog!

One Hot Stove

I stumbled upon Nupur’s space a couple years ago while searching for a recipe of pizza dough. Her post guided me through the process every step of the way and the resulting pizza came out delish! I’ve tried many of her recipes in my home and they have come out consistently yummy. The things that I routinely cook with my minor changes are her pav bhaji, pan-fried potatoes and gobi manchurian. Her recipes have never disappointed me, and the fact that they’re all vegetarian doesn’t hurt either.  Nupur seems like such an honest, warm person that I could see us being friends if, you know, I knew her IRL. But I don’t, so I’ll settle for following her instead.

Sweeter Salt

Laura is a young Maine-r who blogs about her life, focusing mainly on her everyday, approachable sense of fashion and food. I’ve only recently started reading her blog but she’s already give me ideas about how to pair certain closet staples with others for a put-together look and how sneakers don’t have to be the tail-end of every outfit. She’s a proud supporter of thrift stores and, frankly, some of her finds are so lovely that I’m tempted to check out my local consignment stores for similar treasures. Only, I don’t think I could identify 80s chic (if there ever was such a thing) if it hit me in the face. Oh well, if following her blog isn’t the definition of living vicariously then I don’t know what is.

I hope you like these bloggers as much as I do. Happy reading!


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