It’s wrong.

Just heard on the radio that there’s been another random shooting, this time at an elementary school in Connecticut. What the eff is going on in America?! Someone opened fire at a mall in Oregon yesterday, and now this. Can we not go a single day without hearing about some misfit somewhere taking out his ire at people he doesn’t know and who have had no role to play in his sorry life? How can we hope to have sympathy for the disillusioned, unstable youth among us when there are innocent people dying for no fault of theirs? Has it come to this, then, that we’re going to have to duck our way through store aisles for fear of a stray bullet that can catch us unaware while we preen at ourselves in the mirror? Why the hell are weapons still openly available to people if we haven’t discovered a way yet to zero in on possible perpetrators before the crimes happen?

I cannot imagine what the kids of this school and their parents are going through because of this horrifically unexpected intrusion into their lives. Will these parents ever be able to let their kids out of their sight again?

It’s not much, but those kids, their parents and their school will be in my thoughts today.

ETA: When I wrote this, it had apparently just happened and there were no confirmed deaths. They’re now saying 18 (18!) little kids have died in the tragedy, no… the massacre. And the shooter killed himself so there’s going to be no human justice. I hope the divine jurors have the heart of a parent.


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