5 minutes inside my 6yo’s head.

Jason, one of my favorite parent bloggers over at jasongood.net, did an absolutely hilarious post about what goes on inside his then-2yo’s head at any given point in time. I didn’t think about that one until today when my 6yo was home with me all.day. What started off as a lovely day with spring flowers of love blooming in my chest went quickly south after about a couple of hours of free play without friends (R was at preschool for half the day). By early evening, let’s just say we were all ready to go on separate vacations and possibly never return.

Here’s my guesstimate of what must go on in his burdened head during any given 5 minutes of a day.

  1. Boys rule, girls drool!
  2. What’s 7 times 7?
  3. 49. Too easy!
  4. I wish I was 36. No one could rule me then.
  5. I’m bored. No fair!
  6. I need a snack. Should I ask mama?
  7. Never!
  8. “Mooom, can I have a snack??!”
  9. I’m having a snack. I’m not hungry for lunch. She can’t make me!
  10. Saturn has 7 rings.
  11. What? We’re out of chips AGAIN? No fair!
  12. I’m smart.
  13. Oooh, brother! I can smack him if I like.
  14. Boys RULE!
  15. Am I in trouble? I don’t care.
  16. What if I’m in trouble?! I hate mama.
  17. The guy who makes Lego must be really smart.
  18. I wish I could make Lego when I grow up.
  19. I wish I were a superhero.
  20. I love my brother.
  21. He’s SO annoying.
  22. I’m a jerk.
  23. What can I DO? I’m bored.
  24. Rudolph the red-nosed rein-POOP! Hahahaha.
  25. Wow. I can run really fast. I’m the fastest human alive.
  26. How do you spell contaminate?
  27. Girls are dumb.
  28. What the ____. Oh no.
  29. Cashiers sure have a lot of coins.
  30. POOPYHEAD! Hahaha.
  31. I’m bored.


Commiserations? Additions?


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