Chocolate Overdose.

Is there such a thing as that? Chocolate overdose? Many may not agree, but I happen to think there is. I’m not one of those people who salivate at the thought of diving face first into a bar of Ghirardelli. But I do fancy myself a triple layered chocolate cake frosted with a nut flavor, say hazelnut, once in a while. Personally, most treats look much more appetizing to me when I taste them with my eyes rather than my palate. And if they’re not so rich as to clog your very taste buds, that’s a bonus. My occasional sweet tooth has been craving a decadent chocolate treat after supper for a week but, until today, had to make do with a Werther boiled candy, as that is all I had in the house in the way of sugary anything.

Today dawned dark and ominous with a snow warning in effect and schools being let out early. So, after picking up the kids sooner than usual, there was nothing to while the afternoon with than some baking! My neighbor, E, had sent me a recipe for homemade chocolate syrup that is a staple in her house. Blogger Rachel Meeks’ recipe uses nothing but what you would find your pantry usually (cocoa, water, sugar), and since I’m not a fan of having to buy multiple ingredients for a recipe before first trial, this sauce was a perfect resolution for my chocolate fix. Thanks, E! Now I have a beautiful jar of homemade chocolate syrup ready to go that will surely see many, many uses besides being consumed right out of the jar!

I also had a hankering for brownies. I have a foolproof recipe that I use every time I make brownies, but today I had some bananas languishing in the freezer. A quick search brought me to this recipe. It’s a Minnesota state fair award-winning one, so I thought how bad could it be? Gave it a try, and although mine didn’t turn out as fudgy, tall and shiny as the author’s (she is the award winner, after all), they still taste wonderful. Maybe my halving the recipe had something to do with it? The banana gives these brownies a nice little flavor twist that’s quite a pleasant surprise.

Now why am I telling you all this?

THIS is why. Any questions? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Chocolate Overdose.

  1. So glad you enjoyed the chocolate sauce! And funny you added bananas to a recipe — I did the same thing yesterday with pancakes when schools were on a two hour delay. The boys noticed, but liked anyway (one doesn’t like bananas). The chocolate sauce is going into hot cocoa these days, but I like the thought of drizzling over a fudge brownie…

  2. It was a bit runnier than I anticipated but no flavor loss there! Maybe I boiled it less for fear of scorching… It has thickened up a bit after cooling though.

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