My most angst-ridden days are my husband’s happiest. There are days when I call him in the middle of the afternoon to whine in a sagging voice, seeking empathy for my troubles, and the first question he asks after murmuring a few, required, hmms and ahs is “So, what’s for dinner today, then?”

He isn’t clueless — well, not totally anyway — but he does know that on days when I’m not good at much else, there will always be cooking. It’s true. Some people run, others meditate. I cook. I wasn’t born this way, but being home for so many years, cooking countless meals to suit 4 different palates has taught me to enjoy my time in the kitchen. If someone had told my mom this when I was 20, she’d have had a mini-coronary. I was a certified tomboy with no interest in girly pursuits. In fact, a running joke in our house was that when prospective grooms families came to “check me out” we’ll have to pretend the gourmet samosas we got catered were a fruit of my labors in the kitchen to impress them otherwise we’d have nothing to show in terms of my household management skills.

So, my prowess in the kitchen is fairly new, and we all start to love tasks that we’re good at, no? Some days I look around me and people are becoming overnight bestselling authors, taking up time consuming hobbies like quilting while balancing an out-of-home job and a family, studying to change careers later in life, basically achieving stuff in life, and here is little ole me just cruising through my days not watching daytime soaps, exactly, but not accomplishing anything major either.

Today was one of those days. So for dinner today we have: aloo palak (spinach-potato fry), cabbage kofta or dumplings stew, eggplant fry, cucumber salad and raita.

How’s that for a slow day? I will post some of these recipes soon.


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