V’s Superhero Birthday Party

V turned 7 last week. He’s officially in the big-kid category now. To realize exactly how big-kid, you’d be interested to know that boys could be inducted as a page in the royal service at this age, the first time they would live away from the maternal circle at home. Basically, 7 was the 18 of the Medieval times. That’s how big-kid a 7yo is. Sniff.

Anyhow, V requested (no, demanded) a superhero party this year, which is like totally different from what he requested and got last year. Not. His interests aren’t fleeting, that much I have gathered in my 7 years of mothering this little guy. He loved toy animals from age 2-4. We had buckets and buckets full of those miniature Schleich animals and I’m embarrassed to remember our excitement at finding an animal he didn’t own by the end of his third year. By the time he was 4 he knew the names of animals we didn’t know existed (Bactrian camel), differences between monkey species (spider monkey vs baboon), definitions of carnivorous, herbivorous dinosaurs. You get the idea; he was an animal geek. Then he moved on to something else for a year, but since age 5.5 has been a taxpaying citizen of Superheroland. You can quiz him by a DC or Marvel encyclopedia and I would put my cash on him every time. A superhero 7th birthday party was, then, a no-brainer.

This time instead of buying Spiderman tableware or Green Lantern cupcake rings, I decided to go with a superhero themed color scheme for the party. So I arranged to have balloons, cutlery, goody bags and cake in red, yellow, blue and silver, instead of actual prints of the Super guys. For his celebration at school for which he was only allowed to bring a special snack to share with his class, I baked these sugar cookies with Superhero symbols iced on them.

Superhero cookies
Superman, Captain America, The Flash, Wonder Woman

Considering I’m no professional and was icing with holes cut out in Ziploc bags, (not to mention the fact that all I have to show for my effort is this picture and an arthritic hand), I was quite impressed with myself by the end of it. I think even the grim Mr. Superman would approve.

The goody bags weren’t exactly superhero themed although their packing was. I made each guest boy a T-shirt printed with his photo with V and a short friendly caption. The process was a bit time consuming (I started collecting pictures a month before the party to give me enough time to gather them all plus buy the tees and print them in installments) but simple enough, and resulted in such a personalized item that I’ll be disappointed the year I have to go back to traditional goody bags.

Photo-printed personalized T-shirts
V got a collage with all his pals.

Packing these T-shirts was a ton of fun. I used colored tissue paper to wrap “tee candies”, making for really festive party favors.

Tee candies as party favors.

At the end of the day, I realized I did most of these things for myself because the kids would have had fun no matter what. Nevertheless, as a non-crafty girl with nary a creative thumb, it felt great to push the envelope and prove to myself how awesome I really am. 🙂 Thank you, thank you very much!


6 thoughts on “V’s Superhero Birthday Party

  1. Awesome indeed!! The t-shirt has been a hit, and only the cold weather is keeping him from wearing it outside. The cookies look great, and if you ever want to borrow tips to put in the ziplock bags, let me know. I have quite a few and the connectors so you can switch easily between colors.

  2. Oh, I should’ve known to ask you for tips! I’m getting into decorating quite a bit so I may have to buy a set for myself. And 🙂 about the shirt. I made it once before for his 5th and they were such a hit.

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