It’s not just about You; it’s not just about Me; it’s about Us.

The hubster and I celebrated (in a loose sense) our 11th anniversary (in a super concrete sense) this last weekend. On the one hand, the years have sort of melded together so that 2013 could easily be 2002 and no one would know. On the other, though, it feels like eons and eons have passed since that fateful day when I said to him, “I’m gonna use the bathroom, and when I’m back I need an answer yes or no.” In trying times he never fails to remind me how he got forced into this thing; in better days, well, he remains silent. Life has happened since those first few years of cozy dinners and romantic, homebound weekends. If you really come down to counting, here’s a few ways things have changed since 2002.

Then: “I bunked an important meeting so I could come home to you!” ❤
Now: Rrrrring. “Yeah.” [Me, In a panic] “Baby, I think I’ve broken my foot!” “Are you sure it’s broken? I’m in a meeting…”

Me, Then: Omg. I have to go #2! SH!T, I don’t want to him to hear all those embarrassing noises!
Now: [Only warning before letting it rip] “I told you we shouldn’t eat beans for dinner. Not my fault.” *shrug*

Then: [Text] I miss you!
Now: [Text] Don’t miss sending in the kids’ fee cheque.

Then: “Here, you can have the last piece of cake. No, really, I’m full. I don’t even really like it that much.”
Now: “Oh, sorry, I finished it all. Did you want any?”

Then: [Romantic scene on TV] ❤ “I love you!” ❤
Now: [Ultra romantic scene] “They are paid a lot of money for this, you know.”

Then: One card for each week we were apart between our engagement and the wedding.
Now: One card after not sure how many years on Valentine’s Day with the message, “A card from me, how’s that?! :)” From him. I sent/gifted nothing.

Him, Then: “Where do we keep the spoons?” I direct.
Now: Him, “Um…” Me, “Yeah, it’s in R’s drawer beside his underwear.” “Hey, how did you know what I was looking for?”


So, clearly, all is not lost yet. It’s the little things that count, right? I like to think of us as a pair of well-worn jeans: no glam, but when you’re home nothing else will do.

Right? 🙂


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