A new adventure. Maybe.

Although I wrote my last post here only 5 days ago, I came today thinking everyone’s gonna think I’ve abandoned this blog and amn’t (my kids use this word and it does make sense to me!) writing any more. Not so. I’ve actually started another blog about my current cookie decorating obsession (see sidebar), and it’s been hogging all of my brain space lately. So it feels like I haven’t written here for longer than it actually is. Not that I have a million readers or anything waiting with baited breath for my next post here, but I do like to keep this updated (the goal of starting this space in the first place).

Anyhoo, so this new blog/mania/hobby — yeah, it’s decorating cookies. As you know, I have been making and decorating cookies for the kids for a little while now, but it was only very recently that I discovered that there is a whole universe of cookie making and decorating out there. I mean these bakers are professional people who are creating cookies to rival any art masterpiece! And I thought my even just baking cookies at home was a big deal! The best part is, these are women just like me, most without any formal pastry training, who’ve taught themselves to make and decorate dazzling cookies that one could frame rather than eat. I’m sure all they started out with was a dream — just like me. 🙂

I made these the other day, no occasion.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing and bookmarking other “cookier” blogs (apparently that’s now a widely used term for specialty cookie makers), marvelling open-mouthed at their designs, studying their photography that makes every confection look like it was created for the gods, reading dSLR books (to learn the basics of photography) etc. Basically, I’d like to take up cookie making as a professional hobby at this point in my life. I finally have the time, I’m insanely motivated right now and even without a creative bone in my body, I may become good at it. And, yeah, no, at this point I’m not thinking of making a business out of it or anything, but you know who knows? Right now everywhere I look I see a design that I could probably recreate on a cookie. How far I can take that is up to me.

V won a TKD trophy so kind of like "You're a Star" for him.
V won a TKD trophy so kind of like “You’re a Star” for him.

I’m only just beginning, but if you’d like to follow me along on this journey, come on over!


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