Spring onslaught.

The title of this post may have you believe that I don’t like spring all that much and that I’d rather live through a drab, grey winter all over again. Not so. After a delayed and particularly gloomy winter I just don’t want to jinx it. Spring has sprung in these parts, definitely, but I don’t want to talk about it and have the kids grumble about wearing their thick jackets again.

My mom’s visit has done more than provide me with free babysitting. She’s made me slow down and appreciate the things around me that I’d otherwise have been too jaded to notice. It’s not like I haven’t tried before. Whenever I’d point out a particularly pretty natural spectacle (like, say, the arrival of red cardinals) to my 7yo, he’d mumble a disinterested “So?!” I must have been discouraged enough to stop pointing it to him and eventually failing to notice anything myself. Since she’s been here we’ve been keeping track of which tree has new leaves blooming on which day and which blossoms are changing colours as days go by.

Sound impossibly yawn inducing? It isn’t! That’s what I’m trying to say! Here’s a few pictures from our walk around the neighbourhood this morning. And by neighbourhood, I truly mean it — a radius of approximately half a mile. Check it out.

Only missing a true white, perhaps.

I feel like I need to invent new names for some of the colours we saw in these tulips, especially for the purple-yellow shindig up there. Mammal blood tinged with marrow, maybe? 🙂

Notice the white bark start to be invaded by the brown. I’ve walked by this eerie, bare skeleton of a tree all winter marveling at the, well, starkness of it. And here it is now starting to gradually pull up its pants as if suddenly realizing that you’d better dress if you want to look presentable upon waking up.

Laden with pine cones
Notice the grades of pink — from blush to rage.
Whiter than teeth on tooth-whitening product overdose.
An owl house? A bird nest?

Spectacular, innit folks?


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