Birthday Preps.

I haven’t been writing much but I’ve been busy. R’s birthday was yesterday and in lieu of a present (that his nani bought for him nonetheless), the boy asked for a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese’s. For those in the know, kids ADORE this place as much as the parents dread it. Especially on weekends. More so because you end up spending $20 for less than a dollar worth of toys that end up in the trash before the day is out.

Oh, well. It was his birthday, and thankfully it happened to fall on a weekday. So off we went for this annual pilgrimage. I did end up forking out the requisite cash, but at least the kids didn’t have to wait in huge lineups to waste it.

The Mouse and the Boys.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t a total waste of money. The kids behaved as if they got to go to Disneyland. It was definitely way cheaper than that. So, I guess, thank you Chuck-E. When’s your birthday? Maybe I can invite you to my madhouse one time. Return the favor and all, y’know.

I’ve also been preparing for R’s party this weekend. Wrapping party favors, making grocery lists, cramming my brain with ever-changing, arbitrary timelines for the smooth running of the day, etc., on top of everything else. Everything else including making and decorating 30 cookies.

Superheroes & Pirates: 2 of R’s favorite things.

I’m quite proud of my effort. I’m even happier that I’ve been successfully able to keep the armies of ants that have invaded other parts of the house this season away from these cookies. Not to mention my own kids (I had to make another batch of cookies to foil their attempts at consuming these before they ever made it to their intended party!). So. It has been a busy few days of dodging obstacles while burning the proverbial 10pm oil. (Hey, after a full day, 10pm does feel like midnight.)

I’ve made a promise to myself: I’ll treat myself to an uninterrupted hour of TV on Saturday. While folding laundry, of course. šŸ™‚

PS: If you’re interested (please be!), you can check out a detailed post about these cookies and more here.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Preps.

  1. A. I hate laundry.
    B. Tristan has now gone to Chuck E two years in a row. He loves it and frankly I don’t mind the cheap toys because I don’t know when I ever see that boy so excited for hours not to mention the anticipation and then the remembering of every moment!
    C. Your cookies are awesome. I am not an ant but I also want one. So save me one ok?:)

  2. you’re not the only one, sista! although i must say i despise ironing even more. and you’re right re the excitement…totally worth the 20 bucks plus soggy fries.

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