Another express post today. The parents leave in 2 days so there’s been a flurry of last-minute shopping, sightseeing and catching up, leaving no time for much else. With summer holidays fast approaching (last week of school, Egad!), there is packing to do (vamonos (or something like it), Spain!), school events to attend, plans to be made for keeping kids that may get bored of the relaxation busy. All this makes a girl like me exhausted. I’d rather float in a pool, y’know.

Meanwhile, my friends are having babies. Yes, truly. Most people wouldn’t find this shocking, of course, but I’m so done that I do. Babies = baby showers = cookies made by me. So I’ve been doing some of that.

I made these recently for the shower of a dear friend who’s brave enough to have a fourth after 3 boys (granted, she makes adorable babies!). The host gave these cookies out as favors — I was floored. I wrote all about these here.

When my kids were babies, days seemed so long that eons passed before the hubster got home from work each day. Now? Not so much. Most days I’m so behind on chores that he’s greeted with, “What, you’re home already?!”

And I don’t mind this busy-ness one bit.


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