Book Review: Black Irish by Stephan Talty.

At the beginning of the year I joined a couple of reading challenges to document the books I read as I go along. I’ve been reading many more than I write about but today I finished one that finally fits one of the challenges. I don’t know about you but when I visit the library I don’t choose books with any set criteria in mind; whatever looks good comes home with me, be it fiction or non, YA or adult. Some go back half-read, unfortunately, but this time around I got lucky.


Black Irish by Stephan Talty is a novel that’s disturbing on so many levels that I couldn’t stop reading. Weird, but it’s the first time in many readings that I’ve actually read by the light of a clip-on lamp while the house slept, and then had trouble falling asleep because of the images in my head. Seriously.

There’s a female detective lead tracking down an especially malicious serial killer. Secret cults have deadly secrets to hide. References to Irish history and rogue rebels rope you in with centuries-old agendas and vendettas. Chapter endings leave you dangling and eager to get to the revelations on the next page. In short, reading this delicious thriller reinforced my belief that electronic media can never compare to a good story expertly told within the pages of a physical entity. Even though I’m not an aficionado of the mystery/thrilled genre, given a choice I’d rather spend a lazy evening riding along in a cop car solving mysteries than going shopping with the fashionistas.


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