Oh, summer.

You’re busy without doing much, and you’re almost over. I’m not complaining. The kids love school and, increasingly, so do I.

Did I write about my homemade popsicle mania from a few weeks ago? No? Well, like any flash fad I would not, could not, wait to make my own popsicles at home. R likes to eat them so much and I had grand plans of serving fruit pops for breakfast, yogurt pops for dessert at lunch, mango sorbet kulfi ice cream pops after dinner, etc., you get the idea.

So we started at the start bought these adorable popsicle molds. In case there is any confusion, they are cute upside down monsters! What fun!


Our first project was lemonade popsicles. I even added some color to the lemonade to make them more interesting. What a hit! Me and R loved them. Devoured all four super quick. Beginner’s luck has a way of making you believe the best in yourself.


Then someone told me about coconut milk and how its creamy consistency makes for delectable pops without all the added guilt of rich dairy. So the next project became coco milk choco pops made with rich dark chocolate, adequate-but-not-excessive sugar and naive hope. The product was as dreamy as its name the first time, when I followed all advice to use only the cream of the milk. The next batch, made with overconfidence and all parts of the milk came out so meh that R only agreed to reluctantly eat it when the store-bought, good ones with the artificial sugar/color/stuff were all gone.


Lately it’s felt like too much work to think up (or Google!) recipes when the intended audience clearly favors the less time consuming choice. I also realized that for all their cuteness, the molds deliver a slightly unfortunate pop shape. So the beloved pop molds with so much promise are resting in the drawer awaiting their time to be in favor again.


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