Here comes the ‘Boo’geyman.

Happy Halloween, fellow circus followers!

It’s that time of the year again when real spiders fail to give you a fright after having tacked numerous fake ones onto sundry decorations, and when you associate ghosts with smiley cherubs instead of sinister creatures. In the spirit of the season we’ve been draping fake webs over our bushes outside and hanging skeleton charms on our door knobs. This year, though, I’ve noticed a shift in the kids’ decorative instincts from the benign to the more malevolent. V at 7 thinks our decorations are too babyish, so maybe next year we’ll have to plan a scarier exhibit. Although for someone who’s still dressing up as Superman instead of a zombie or something, I’m inclined to squeeze in another year of innocence if I can.

Halloween also means class parties at each kid’s school. I usually volunteer to help out, but this year I also (madly) volunteered to make cookies for the celebration. 20 cookies for each classroom meant 40 in total. What? As fun as this new hobby is, it’s also quite time consuming. The decorating is definitely fun, but to get there is a lot of work, too. What was there to do then but get on and do it.

The set of Wilton cutters I have has various ‘ween shapes: a (haunted) house, a witch in profile, bat, ghost and 2 pumpkin sizes.

ImageGuess which ones I chose? 🙂

The mummies were an invention out of necessity. The cookie dough scraps left in the end couldn’t accommodate the bigger shapes so I cut out a few small circles. The first couple I decorated with a ‘Boo!’ but then ran out of icing for flooding. Gasp! What to do?! Inspiration struck, and the mummies were born.

ImageSome of the pumpkins spread grotesquely and ate up too much of the orange flood, hence there is much less use of the vibrant orange than I would’ve liked. It all worked out in the end, I suppose.



ImageHope you all have a happily scary time this evening. Boo to you!


4 thoughts on “Here comes the ‘Boo’geyman.

  1. Thanks. I haven’t had time to set this up fully yet so the Cookie button leads to an empty page! Still trying to figure that one out…

    1. I just used it and it brought me to the first two posts on cookies (last two I should say, Lego ones and Halloween) Think you figured it out…

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