Lego Cookies.

Or Legookies, as I like to call them. Like Le Cookies, y’know? As in en Francais? Or something. Right.


This is birthday season. The kids have been invited to a birthday celebration almost every weekend the past few weeks. Apparently a lot of kids, defying logic *snicker*, are born during the cooler months. Kids’ birthdays are also becoming fancier events with each passing year; it seems like older children do not much care for an intimate celebration at home with a few close friends. Evidently, for them it’s not a real birthday party if it doesn’t involve Laser Tag or a fencing tournament or some such. So it is refreshing that this weekend the boys are invited to a neighbor’s home for their son’s Lego-themed birthday, where they will be building block towers and fighting hand-assembled mini figures for fun. These boys all know each other well, play together often, and have spent many off-school afternoons sitting on someone’s driveway doing this exact same thing for hours. I bet this low-key birthday party will be the one that fond memories are made of.

The parents of the birthday boy also specified a No Gifts request on the invite. While I appreciate the sentiment (really, whose kids need MORE toys?), I feel weird sending the kids out to a party empty-handed. Not to mention the fact that most of the excitement of a birthday, from a kid’s perspective, comes from the anticipation of opening those shiny, wrapped presents that each invitee handed to him on their way in. How do you honor the parents’ request without disappointing the birthday boy?

You gift him Legookies, of course 🙂

ImageRectangular, square, bite-sized blocks of edible bricks that aren’t full of unknown ingredients like the store-bought variety, extremely personal by virtue of being homemade, and not clutter-inducing before the gift influx of the holiday season coming up. Win-win, much? 🙂

ImageIf you know Lego, you know the Lego man is an icon. I tried using a template I found on Sweetsugarbelle’s blog but ultimately just ended up hand cutting these. If I were making more maybe I’d have gone ahead and made one, but as it was, hand cutting these worked out quite well. The birthday boy has a brother, and since I didn’t want to give any cause to the parents to have to break up a scuffle over who gets The Man I made two of him. A conversation such as, “But it’s MY birthday!” “SO?!” is all too familiar to me.

ImageTo package them, I bought a treat box that holds these babies perfectly. The only unfortunate part was trying to find something non-Christmasy at this time of the year. I quickly realized that was not happening so I just went with something that at least didn’t show a snowman or trees upfront. The boys are going to make cards for their friend that will be threaded onto the handle and, Voila.

Happy birthday, Lego fan.


4 thoughts on “Lego Cookies.

  1. And I have to say, this non-birthday boy’s family appreciated the few extras you gave us as well! They look(ed) great and tasted even better! Thank you for sharing the bounty!!

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