Edgy Baby Shower Cookies

I call them edgy because they’re pink but also greyish-black. So not really dark but not all sunny cheer either. Just like the friend I made them for :).

ImageSo this friend has 3 boys and is expecting her 4th child. The ultrasound indicates it’s a girl, but she’s not wholeheartedly buying it. I wouldn’t either if I were her but a girl’s gotta hope. What’s the worst that could happen? Her boy will be the best cross-dressed baby in town, but so what? 🙂 He’ll still be the cutest, I bet.

A few days before the actual baking began I started brainstorming designs I could ice. I’m still learning to just ice well so nothing too elaborate would do. Some onesies I saw on Pinterest were so cute that I just had to make them. Only one problem arose: I didn’t have a onesie cutter. All week I meant to scour baking stores (or even just run to the nearest one I know) for that cutter but it’s been so busy lately that I couldn’t. The day to cut my cookies was here and I had no cutter but a heart bent on making those darn onesies.

So I improvised. I did have a wedding dress cutter. And a teacup with saucer cutter. See where I’m going?

ImageVoila. A sort-of onesie. The neckline isn’t totally babyish, but a bride wouldn’t exactly be seen in a dress resembling the end result now, would she? A little baby commercial pink plus a dash of white and charcoal and I had baby onesies.

ImageMe: 1, No cutter dilemma: 0.

Baby shoes got their avatar from a beach sand bucket cutter with the spade hacked off. The husband thought these were Moses baskets (baby sleep baskets or bassinets for the uninitiated), but what does he know.

ImageThe pitter-patter of tiny feet rounded off the set. (The hubster, btw, did not know the expression “pitter patter of baby feet”. HOW that is possible is beyond my comprehension. He is otherwise a fully functioning adult, I promise.)

ImageThis next picture I couldn’t resist taking because, look!, the feet cookies are exactly the size of my firstborn’s first pair of shoes. He wore them at 3 months old for my brother’s wedding. It is unbelievable that he was ever that small. I’m usually not sentimental enough to hoard keepsakes but these shoes will be willed in my will.

ImageLastly, gable boxes from a craft store and some festive ribbon, and the baby shower favors were complete!

ImageMazel Tov, M.


One thought on “Edgy Baby Shower Cookies

  1. Your friend sounds awesome. The cookies look delicious. I bet she really enjoyed them and they are all gone now. Also, I am pretty sure she didn’t know what pitter patter means either but it’s because she is foreign. At least that is what I heard. 😉

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