Sports and Valentine’s Cookies.

A quick post today.

V turned 8 a couple weekends ago. His superhero obsession is gradually giving way to an interest in sports, which is what he requested his birthday theme be. Naturally, that amounted to the simple but versatile ball cookies to be baked for distribution at school.

ImageI briefly thought about icing team logos on there but freehanding them is a feat that I’m not ready for yet. I’ve tried these balls once before, but I’m infinitely happy with how they turned out this time!

Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday that’s big in our family. The kids do, however, are expected to write up cards for every other kid in their class and exchange small gifts. Cookies to the rescue again.

ImageSimple scalloped-edge hearts in white and chocolate, covered with sprinkling sugar. Doesn’t get much easier than that. And they’re sparkly!


Now the bummer: we’re snowed in for V Day! No school, no exchange, no party. The sparkle will have to wait until next week. Oh, well.


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