Why Today is an Ideal Snow Day.

I know I have totally jinxed myself by writing this post before noon, but I feel like I need to thank the Powers for a snow day that doesn’t SUCK like other snow days in recent memory. When their school broke the news of closure last night, I admit I screamed in a pillow for 2 minutes. Apart from the fact that we’ve had more days off than on this season, the prospect of entertaining the kids for another day following a weekend was daunting, to say the least. I had visions of another day cleaning up inevitable messes, breaking up scuffles, loading/unloading the dishwasher.

Basically this:


It’s true. I have got some clutter that is unavoidable with 4 instead of 1 family members in the house, but I’ve also got this:

  • A chance to sleep in.
  • The chance to finish my book and shower peacefully WITH kids in the house.
  • A rare glimpse into quiet child play for HOURS, yes hours. They have been playing together (without disputes) for almost 3 hours now, and counting. (I won’t get too much further in my counting though, I sense.)


  • The H actually WORKING on a work-from-home day. Usually, because he’s so unused to the concept, he will saunter out every half hour to rummage through the pantry for a snack (or worse, ask me to fix him one), yell at the kids to keep it down (he forgets that kids are not only boisterous on weekends), check his home computer obsessively for weather updates or incessantly pester me for the lunch menu. Today, he’s been diligent.
  • The chance to try out a cookie recipe I’d been eyeing for a while.

Chocolate-chip cookie with Nutella center. Can you say Yum?! Like I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of cookies myself, but these ones looked so delish that I’d been waiting to give them a try ever since I stumbled upon its original recipe.

And, they didn’t disappoint! They’re every bit as decadent as they sound.


We pressed M&Ms to differentiate the filled from the unfilled cookies. 4yo R and I fought over filled ones (he definitely got more than me! Boo!), while 8yo V refused to even taste them. He totally missed the sweet surprise of biting into a regular CCC (chocolate chip cookie) and being treated to a gooey hazelnut center instead. Ha, who cares, more for us!

IMG_5949R could barely control himself enough to allow me to take pictures.

IMG_5951With the way things are going, I may even be able to take a nap sometime today. After all, that’s what days like today are meant for, isn’t it?



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