Teacher Appreciation Cookies.

You know who has the hardest job in the world??


Kidding. 🙂

Only partly.

Anyhow, teachers come a close second. They’ve cut my workload in half — since both boys started school full-time. (R only goes 3 full days but I won’t complicate this post with minute details of my daily routine.) Their job is most like a parent’s, especially those who teach our youngest people. Theirs is a largely thankless but extremely vital role in a young child’s life (ahem, who else has that role? Any guesses??). We all end up growing up but those early teachers remain etched in our memory — as cheerful, nurturing, old people who guided us through our first years. (Unless you got stuck with a vile gremlin of an early-school teacher, in which case, my sympathies.)

To show appreciation for our teachers, R’s school is observing teacher appreciation week this whole week. Each day these martyrs are treated to a different treat: flowers, cards, take-out lunch, etc. The PTO is hosting an appreciation lunch for the faculty, to which my contribution is……

ImageYes, Pinterest-inspired simple Teacher Themed Cookies!

I had so much fun making these. For starters, the shapes are simple and sturdy so they decorated and travel easily. Secondly, these are so darn colorful!

I handcut this crayon shape. Initially, I pored over my limited set of cutters to see how I could prune or edit another shape into a crayon but that proved futile. I spent a fair amount of time with a ‘T’ and a ‘1’ before realizing I could just slide a pizza cutter to cut strips of dough and then quickly chop a sharp triangular point. Much faster.


ImageBefore choosing the exact designs I wanted to decorate, I’d realized many school supplies are shaped as a simple rectangle. Pizza cutter to the rescue again and I had blackboards and notebooks!

ImageThese notebooks came out adorable. This time my colors mixed exactly as I’d wanted them to — bright with just the right hue.

ImageSome glittery stars and medals to complete the show.

ImageThe ribbons on my medals aren’t quite as realistic, but I just. couldn’t. figure it out. Oh, whatevs.


And THAT is a collection I can be proud of. I hope this shows the measure of my appreciation for little R’s teachers. The only return I expect is a clean plate. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Cookies.

  1. If your kid gets the best reviews this year I am complaining of favoritism and accusing you of being teacher’s pet :). Cookies look yummy ha

    1. It wasn’t at our kids’ school 🙂 It was for the other one so your complaints won’t be entertained. Ha.

      Also, thanks 🙂

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