Birthday Present Cookies.

This year I hosted an old fashioned birthday party for my new 5yo. It was old fashioned because it was simple. From the decorations to the presents to the party games, nothing really matched or followed a theme. The timing was free flowing (mainly because I hadn’t planned much), but the kids had a wonderful time.

No theme meant no idea what to offer in loot bags. There’s been a lot of brouhaha about entitled kids demanding loot bags etc., but I just think birthdays are special enough to spoil everyone involved. So I packed each kid a cookie to bring home!

ImageThese gable boxes at Michaels are so festive! I’ve used them for different purposes at various occasions and they always deliver the wow factor.

For the cookie itself, in keeping with the simplicity “theme”, I hand cut rectangles (SO hard, ha!) and decorated them as gifts.

ImageThe color scheme has nothing to do with anything; I just wanted to try out colors that I hadn’t used before 🙂 They did look a bit girly together but whatevs, they were going to be consumed by 5yos on a sugar high.ImageDots, I’ve realized, are the classiest and easiest of design elements that work every single time. For someone to whom artsy designs don’t just “come in a flash”, heck I even have trouble copying art, dots are the way to go.

ImageA little present to make a little buddy of my sunshine happy. I’ll take that.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Present Cookies.

    1. Andie, if you click on the Cookies tab in the header, you’ll see my go-to recipes. All others are under food 🙂

      And, thank you!

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