Happy Birthday, Papa.

It was the hubster’s birthday yesterday. I won’t say which one because he’s sensitive about it. (Psst: Unknown sources allege that the date is also under dispute but you won’t hear anything from me :))

No matter how many disputes he and I may have about parenting strategies, discipline, the foods they ingest, or other things kid related, the kids themselves think of him as the choicest chunk of the family pie. They spent the whole morning making him birthday cards with heartfelt sentiments and looping personalized bracelets on their loom for him.

Dear Papa, I love you. Thanks you for being such a good dad. Thank you for playing sports with me. You’re the best dad ever.

Huh? Playing sports?!

The hearts card with colour within the lines has to count for something.

Wait. There’s more. The card came with a coupon for “anything you want” and a booklet describing reasons why “you are a great dad”.


Reasons why you are a great dad:

  1. You play sports with me. (Again? Guess those once-a-week kicking around ball in the yard sessions hold more importance than I thought!)
  2. You help me build Legos. (Legit.)
  3. You plan fun vacations. (All the whining notwithstanding.)
  4. You let me walk on your back.
  5. You buy us cookies. (Unnaturally colored frosted ones from the grocery store. Bleh.)
  6. You fight me. (!)
  7. You throw me on the bed.
  8. You got us a new computer. (Touch screen!)

Blog pics4

Little R couldn’t NOT follow suit. His booklet contained ten pages of “NecstPau” which loosely translates to Next Page. (I was too busy icing cupcakes to correct his inventive spelling.) So basically the recipient gets to interminably turn pages to reveal a stick figure at the very end depicting a male person. Open to interpretation.

All these goodies were then stashed in a shoe box and wrapped to look (kind of) like a present. Then the wait began for the birthday boy to get home from work before pouncing on him with loud requests for opening his “presents”. Of course daddy loved them! True to form, he redeemed his “anything” coupon right away by decreeing a school-night bed time even though the kids are off for the summer. Yay! 🙂

After presents came the cupcakes.

IMG_8347Although these cupcakes looked pretty, I over beat the batter and they were too tough. Notice the cracked and pale tops?  Classic over beating clue. Sadly, no recipe today.

The special dinner of chole-bature, chick pea masala/fried bread, more than made up for the cupcake fiasco though.

Bottoms up, old man. 🙂


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