(Un)spooky Halloween cookies.

Halloween is such a fun day for kids and adults alike, but it seems like this is the last year where my kids will be happy with unspooky stuff – foods, decorations, costumes. They’re more and more able to tolerate ghastly-ness, which is sad since one has only to catch some fleeting news to get a glimpse of the violence in our world, but also a subtle signal that they’re growing up. I was surprised to see on Halloween day how actually creepy costumes didn’t seem to faze them one bit. They’re no longer happy with our decidedly kiddie decorations: cute spiders, colorful webs, smiley skeletons. Although I’m pretty sure I’m not going to go hardcore with severed limbs and caution tape as decorative props, our class-party cookies this year were a tad bit more gory than Halloweens past.

Due to carelessness in mixing colors, the witches’ skin tone is darker than desired (witches are traditionally quite pale) but we just called them Indian witches this year 🙂IMG_8865Whereas V’s 3rd grade classroom got a majority of the blood-soaked witches’ fingers, I deemed them too gory for R’s kindergarten classroom (Montessori to boot!), so these cute Frankensteins were perfect for that.

A few of these B/W bones gave the collection a great splash of Halloween color in the absence of the traditional orange. The kids seemed super happy with their cookies. Mission accomplished.


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