Christmas Stockings and more.

It’s the Holidays and that means it’s baking time!

I was thinking while making these cookies: growing up in a largely Hindu India, Christmas was just another day that we were off school. There was no special celebration going on anywhere so nothing felt particularly festive; we’d just come from our own big holiday season of Diwali; New Years eve was what was the next big thing. Christmas kind of just came and went.

And here I am now. I love the cheer of the season. I love decorating our little tree and stringing it with sparkly lights. I love picking out meaningful ornaments (a Yoda! a Spiderman! a White House commemorative!). I love the enthusiasm of our kids’ concerts with them dressed in little bowties and singing their hearts out. I love the goosepimply warmth of a holiday party where people genuinely thank each other for their friendships and their camaraderie. I love the idea of roasting chestnuts and a blazing fireplace (although I don’t quite like chestnuts and never have my fireplace on because there’s such a thing as too warm). I love caroling. It’s all so fairy tale-ish.

I also love the brightness of the red and white and green in an otherwise naturally dreary season. I love driving by lit up houses that have the kids exclaiming in wondrous tones. I love that you can tip the people who help make your life easier without having to worry if that’s going to become the new rate for their services. I love that there’s no scary costumes involved and that I don’t have to goad my kids into accepting favors from strangers (although I like Halloween I’m more and more conscious of having to let kids go by themselves at some point and how the whole premise of strangers etc is a bit disconcerting). I love that I have a present for V that I know he will love love love (there’s 2 presents for each boy but V’s one is especially meaningful).

In that spirit, these personalized class cookies are sure to hit the spot. I love that the kids will love these. Merry Christmas. 🙂


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