Logo Cookies: First Stenciling Attempt

I always thought that logo cookies were hard to attempt without any kind of projection contraption. Freehanding a preset design wouldn’t only be cumbersome but likely inaccurate as well. Then the Internet came to help. Again.

For V’s holiday bake sale at school, I finally bit the bullet and gave these logos a try. I fashioned a homemade stencil out of a folder sheet (you know those transparent, thin folders sealed at one end?) and got to work. I only had a few squares cut out for the logo; I’d compensated with more snowflakes and Husky paws (the school mascot) in case the logos didn’t work out.

I’m still very much an amateur and don’t have fancy tools like small palette knives so a butter knife would have to do the job. There’s more professional ways of stenciling as the experts outlined, with weighted down magnets for accurate positioning etc. but all I cared to do for my first time was to get a feel for the work required to stencil a design. The letters in the center are freehanded.

Not too bad, if I say so myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Each cookie had to be individually packaged for sale. Small clear bags with ribbon was the most obvious way to go. Then I came across this neat idea to use scrapbooking paper as bag toppers and to staple them closed. I got thick paper in the school’s colors (or as close as I could get them) and voila!

FHScollageAll boxed up and ready to go to bake sale.

Apparently the event was a big success. Who’s to say what part my effort had to play in it, but I do know that the first sale of the table was mine — V bought it! ๐Ÿ™‚


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