I haven’t written here in a while. Many reasons: the less you write the less you want to write. We traveled to India over spring break — our first trip in over 3 years — and along with the actual trip of 3 weeks and its ensuing issues like jet lag, the whole month of March whizzed by.

And there is THE MOVE.

Our transfer confirmation came the day before we were leaving for India, leaving my head in a tailspin. After months of anticipation and finally resignation to the prospect of Houston, London came as a complete and utter shock. I hadn’t considered it as a serious possibility at all. And here it was. #Living in Europe! #Expat Life is Official! #London Calling!


We’ve never lived in Europe. How was I going to navigate the culture shock? What kind of school would the kids go to? What IS our family’s education philosophy anyway? How much of our physical household will be able to take with us? How much smaller/tighter will the houses there be?

And, alas. ALAS! What of the wonderful friends I’ve made here? The happy little expat circle that understands the challenges we all face by moving so often. The kids my kids have grown with in the past 4 years. The new ones that have joined their families and I’ve helped cradle as newborns? The numerous coffees over which we moms have lamented school closures or our absence from the workforce or life away from our families. The chatty walks after the work/school rush to energize ourselves and evade the loneliness that sometimes washes over all of us with this nomadic lifestyle.

I’ve been so lucky to get to know these girls. But I wish we could all stay as close as we have been these last few years. From experience I know it doesn’t stay this way; the first few months you talk or text constantly but then life gets in the way. You make new friends and without the commonality of everyday life, contact peters out. I’m teary just thinking of that eventuality.

Fairfax, I’m going to miss you. You gave me friendship and happiness, a full calendar with D.C. right on the doorstep where there’s always something interesting going on, a sense of belonging with our closest friends who became family, robust schools to mould my kids into (mostly) pleasant children, great weather, beautiful surroundings both modern and historic.

London, watch out. You have big shoes to fill.


2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Well you should have lots of fun in London and take time to travel all around Europe and the Kingdom :). I am excited for you even though I would have loved to see you here permanently. Not that I was a regular coffee mom 🙂

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