The UK: Installment – First Ever.

And, we’re finally here.

In the land of fables and the “choob”, tea with clotted cream and churches from the 1200s, Harry Potter and Nancy Drew, of hard-to-understand accents that can make a septuagenarian sound sexy. I grew up reading about sixth form escapades, vast green spaces described as vales and glens and woods and never knowing the differences between them, crumpets and scones whose taste was as alien to me as a tagine at that point. I now have the opportunity to not only gawk like a tourist but actually live life like a local. How exciting is that?!

The suburban town centres are super quaint and so European — I love it! đŸ™‚

IMG_2891A visit to Windsor castle on Sunday was a splendid outing, culminating in the “long walk” through pristine gardens hosting picnicing families on a gorgeous summer day. Buggy rides through town seemed to be a hit, and no wonder when there’s buildings like this to ogle. I wish I could photoshop the crowds out of the picture but even with them…

IMG_2894Pubs and patisseries abound on tiny side streets paved with cobblestones that don’t feel out of place in the 21st century. To think that some of these places have been in business for centuries!

IMG_2896I don’t know what honeysuckle smells like but in my mind, this is it! All the juvenile characters I read about ambled into hidden gardens like these to discover imaginary worlds that thrilled my imagination then, as they evidently do now as well. What a treat to discover these gems as part of my normal life!

Virginia gave me some great friends and many happy memories but, Mr UK, I reckon I’m going to love you heart and soul in a jiffy. Blimey.


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