A day at Notting Hill.

Hugh Grant was so cute at one time. Or maybe I was young 🙂 *shrug*

Remember that movie with Julia Roberts where they fall in love over a spilt coffee or something while sashaying around a film set with quaint, colourful houses and a bright, idyllic sky?

I was there, and it wasn’t a movie set. It was a real neighbourhood where real Londoners lived their real British lives. Only, they live those lives on a permanent movie set! It’s an amateur picture from my phone, I promise, and yet there’s no mistaking the Hollywood quality of this area.

nottinghillSurrounded by poshness such as this, who can blame Hugh and Julia for frolicking around and falling in love, hey? Plus, the residents obviously pride themselves on the USP of Notting Hill — colour. Check this out!

pinkdoornottinghillWe noted all manner of colourful doors — bright pink, dazzling ochre, ruby red, neon green, to name a few.

Getting out of the tube station at Notting Hill Gate, walk up towards another London icon — the Portobello market. Essentially a gourmand’s delight, vendors at the PM sell everything from antiques to souvenirs to hats and scarves. Just the bustle of the area is enough to make a lazy, meandering day worthwhile.

portobellomarket If all that meandering makes you hungry, there’s a choice of a million restaurants to choose from. High-end steak places rub shoulders with Cafe Nero -type chains with indie pizza joints. I even found a 100% vegetarian falafel tent where the guy fried up the crunchy-soft chickpea balls right in front of me before wrapping it up with a chunky hummus, fresh toppings and pickled veggies (!) into a giant wrap — and all for 4 quid! That wrap easily kept me full until dinner, and the taste of such freshness was absolutely incredible!

falafelnottinghillBecause the kids of course had no interest in all this marvelousness,  I had planned to spend the late afternoon at a splash park nearby. A 10-min walk brought us to the Kensington Memorial Park where it was now the kids’ turn to go bonkers. Play structures, climbing walls, bucket swings and even a zipline would have been enough for them to spend a good couple hours in, but the park topped it all with a water fun area! Oh, the joy on their faces. Luckily, it was a warm afternoon but the water was still quite chilly. No matter.

IMG_3101A direct tube ride back to our hotel. Tired legs but happy faces all ’round!


5 thoughts on “A day at Notting Hill.

  1. You said “quid”! Obviously belong there now 🙂 we loved the market while we were there, but I don’t think the water park existed. Of course, it was before kids for us, so we may not have noticed it existed. Enjoy, I’m living vicariously…

    1. Haha, I said quid because apparently you can’t call a GBP a buck!! I had no idea — for me, any currency worth 1 in that country was a buck before now!

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