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Happy Halloween!

IMG_2188Changes are inevitable. England doesn’t celebrate Halloween like the Americans do: trick or treating is sporadic and not the norm — not in our little town anyway — and I haven’t seen many decorated houses.

Plus V is apparently now too old to want to go TTing anyway, which is sad(ish). The school has a no-sugar policy so instead of cupcakes kids can bring carrot sticks or hummus for their birthday treat. Yeah. Not that I disagree with this policy on principle, but I just think there’s nothing much special in celebrating occasions with fruit kebabs.

IMG_2225Halloween however was exempt from this rule so class-party cookies were in order.

IMG_2199(I like how in this pic the other ghost is sort of peeking from the house in the back 🙂 Cheeky!)

IMG_2223Simple and easy treats of some marginally spooky fun.