As pretty Ireland is, eating vegetarian meals while travelling is no issue here. While you may not be able to sample traditional Irish cuisine dominant in various stews and the fabled Limerick ham, a little specialty known as the potato will see you through.

Irish potatoes and small roadside stands selling this national crop are as ubiquitous as the green countryside. Although the many detours offering sackfuls of potatoes at farmer prices are of no use to a tourist, it does guarantee you any number of tasty hashes, patties and mashes. Colcannon, a mashed potato dish including cabbage and cream, should tick your box for trying a traditional food although the quality of it can be varying depending on the establishment.

Since language is no issue (or is it? The local accents can be quite hard to understand at times), it is easy to ascertain the ingredients of a suspicious looking soup or stew. Smaller restaurants or family owned places are mostly happy to accommodate you if there’s nothing vegetarian on the menu, especially in the rural countryside. If nothing else, pizza, salad, sandwiches, etc. are easily and widely available with plenty of vegetarian options. Bigger cities have all the major global food chains should you be so inclined.

Overall, Ireland poses no problems for vegetarian travellers. Teetotalers, on the other hand, may have bigger issues in Guinness-land. “Irish You Luck”!



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