Monthly Archives: April 2016

All For a Cookie.

I’m finally selling my cookies! Like, people will actually pay me to create unique collections for their events. I finished my first order today and I cannot believe that I’m officially in business!

To make it clear how big of an achievement this is for me: I don’t come from a business family. No one in my large family contingent growing up ever sold anything to anyone. They all did very well for themselves working for other people. I’d always thought (and deep down still do) that I’d take the less risky route as well and carry on with life.

But all this moving around every few years is not conducive to a 9 to 5 day, not particularly amenable to creating a rolodex of contacts within an industry to spread your reputation around by word of mouth, not helpful towards going to school and then having to move away midway through your adult learning degree.

So. This leaves freelancing, and business. It’s not going to be easy. It’s hard as hell to sell your product (essentially yourself) to strangers who already have enough of everything. All rejection is personal. But I’m gonna give it a try. And, sink or swim, I’d have done it.

My first order is a batch of Peppa Pig themed cookies for a little girl turning 2. Her mom requested some combination of the character, ladybugs and the number 2 in a girly colour scheme. This is what I created. Happy Birthday, Clara!