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The Bane of Kids’ One Liners.

I’m bored: I’m not your personal jester.

I’m waiting: You won’t let me forget.

I hate you: Good. So you’ll leave me alone now?

I’m sleepy: Nooo! We’re almost home!

I’m NOT sleepy: Yes, you effing ARE!

That’s not fair: Enjoy your stay in my world, buddy.

I didn’t do it: That doesn’t make it true.

He started it: Do you even know the person you’re pointing at to avoid getting into trouble yourself?

Why can’t I have screen: That everything in moderation conversation we…?

Can I have screen now?: See above. Screen time is done.

You can’t make me: Oh yeah? Let me make some things clear…


All For a Cookie.

I’m finally selling my cookies! Like, people will actually pay me to create unique collections for their events. I finished my first order today and I cannot believe that I’m officially in business!

To make it clear how big of an achievement this is for me: I don’t come from a business family. No one in my large family contingent growing up ever sold anything to anyone. They all did very well for themselves working for other people. I’d always thought (and deep down still do) that I’d take the less risky route as well and carry on with life.

But all this moving around every few years is not conducive to a 9 to 5 day, not particularly amenable to creating a rolodex of contacts within an industry to spread your reputation around by word of mouth, not helpful towards going to school and then having to move away midway through your adult learning degree.

So. This leaves freelancing, and business. It’s not going to be easy. It’s hard as hell to sell your product (essentially yourself) to strangers who already have enough of everything. All rejection is personal. But I’m gonna give it a try. And, sink or swim, I’d have done it.

My first order is a batch of Peppa Pig themed cookies for a little girl turning 2. Her mom requested some combination of the character, ladybugs and the number 2 in a girly colour scheme. This is what I created. Happy Birthday, Clara!


For the love of clues.

So, what have I been up to lately? Besides enjoying an unseasonably warm winter at home, trips to the mainland, fulfilling chauffeur duties for the kids (oh, what a term it’s been!), I’ve been catching up on some TV and cookie-ing.

Between February being the month of luuurve *eyeroll* and birthdays, cookie making has acquired a life of its own.


I called this one “Be(ak) Mine” and was quite proud of it. The design idea and colour palette came off a card and I used some new techniques (for me) while icing. So that was fun.

The collection had a “bunch” of other designs as well.


(Sorry, I went overboard with the colour edit here.)


It was quite a cute little collection in the end — one I thoroughly enjoyed creating.

Then there was V’s 10th birthday. He requested Minecraft themed cookies (one eyeroll isn’t enough for this one). On the surface it was a reasonable request, one that I even eagerly approached. Don’t they say something about fools and optimism? It was one of my hardest collections to create.


All that pixelated goodness? Yeah, not simple to execute on a cookie. Not at all. Here’s my version.


It was fine for a bunch of boys whose parents didn’t pay any money to buy these but as a professional outcome, not so much.


This was the whole collection. If you know anything about Minecraft, specifically Minecraft Youtubers, you’ll know what all this is. If you don’t, quick, plug your ears and sing la la la. If your kid’s not into this wretched game, count yourself very very lucky.

In other news…

I’ve recently acquired an obsession with the show Sherlock on BBC. The cast is perfect and the show itself is so well-made, I’m not ashamed of it. If you haven’t watched it, I’d sincerely urge you to. You won’t regret it. Since I’m unbelievably living in a place that I have access to the show’s filming locations, original context, etc., I’ve been doing some exploring of my own.


This monument to the great sleuth is outside the Baker Street tube station. Sorry for the picture quality since even an iPhone can’t compare to an expensive DSLR.


This is the outside of the actual street (North Gower) that substitutes for Baker Street in the show. The black door on the left (187 N. Gower) is the famous 221B of BBC Sherlock. I ate lunch in Speedy’s, a formerly unassuming cafe that is apparently now a worldwide sensation and thronged with tourist fans during the summer (I’m hardly one to talk though!).


I love going into London and just exploring all it has to offer. I’m loving every minute of this can you tell? 🙂