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Chocolate cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream.

She who can master icing can master the world.” — Anonymous.

Whoever said that knows her pastry. What d’ya mean it isn’t a real quote? Someone very wise and important obviously coined it. It even rings of an ancient Chinese proverb! Like, he who can master his mind can master everything. I don’t see anyone questioning that.

Okay, fine, I said it. But it is wholly, completely, a 100% the truth.

And today I’ve found MY icing. Or frosting. (I’ve never known the difference.) Cupcake/cake topping. My friend E swore by it and sent me her recipe. I also found one on the Food Network. I combined elements of the two, and now I have my very own go-to frosting recipe.

This frosting is basically a mixture of butter and cream cheese and sugar. They meet and create a magical threesome that is soft and pillowy, creamy and un-comatose sweet, not too buttery not too tart. In short, a professional looking and tasting frosting that elevates a common cupcake to new levels of yum. I used it to frost chocolate cupcakes from this recipe.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never really been able to bake cakes partly because my technique is probably flawed plus I’ve never had anything to frost it with. Traditional buttercreams leave a greasy film on my palate that is not enjoyable. Too much cream cheesiness isn’t my preference either. If you’re like me, you’ll love this one. The proportions are easy to remember and easily scaled to your project. The quantities I’ve outlined generously frosted 12 regular-sized cupcakes. So without further ado…

You’ll need:

1 stick softened, room temp butter (salted is fine)
1/2 of a 8oz tub of cream cheese
Scant 2 cups confectioner’s sugar
Dash of pure vanilla (about 1 tbsp)

Just throw everything together in an electric mixer with the paddle attachment on. Start slow but then beat at med-high for about 2 minutes or until the frosting looks fluffy, almost like a thick whipped cream. Resist the urge to lick right out of mixing bowl.

This frosting can be spread on your cupcakes with a spatula or (like I did) filled into a pastry bag with the tip cut off and iced in a professional manner. Ahem.

It is very, very tasty and comes together in a super cool way. You’re welcome. 🙂